Trade album :

TOP LEVEL PRIORITIES – access to a space I can use as a office during COVID, steel practice swords, bamboo staff, light training shield, large mirrors, flow toys (like poi and rope dart), weights? also maybe a kettle bell?, machete, a shallow display type fridge, quality sleeping bag, amplifier (with bluetooth), cfunky/psychedelic quality sunglasses, iphone lightning adapter audio interface, butcher knife, e-reader, new bike helmet, good bike seat, modern aluminum frame bike,

HIGH LEVEL PRIORITIES great webcam, high quality speakers, TC Helicron Vocal Live 3 , nintendo switch, ps4 adventure games, solar panel portable battery, vaporizer?

MID LEVEL DESIRES curtains, buckets full of old keys or something, bead curtains, dehydrator, individual soup bowls that go in the oven, Zoom h4n (or any other high quality portable audio recorder), mirror adhesive (check, it needs to be good for mirrors), floor crystal covering, anything ROLI seaboard (grande, etc.), artisanal / hand crafted salad bowl, artisanal / hand crafted plates – bowls, high quality kitchen knives, power tools,

LOW LEVEL IDEAS – hippy wall hanging , consumables (brandy, scotch, food, etc.)