Forget what you know about Tarot

This approach treats the Tarot as an empowerment and actualization technology, capable of increasing our natural problem solving capacities through the use of common cultural symbols of the west, perfect canvases for our projections.

To successfully engage with the tarot this way, it is highly recommended to treat it as an artifact of ancient knowledge on self-empowerment and explore it as an archaeologist would. Those who do investigate it that way might find – like I have as my mentor did before me and his mentor did before him- a very sophisticated system of reference for the human experience of incomparable wisdom and clarity.

My experience has lead me to believe that the Tarot’s “worldview” is the key to accessing this wisdom and indiscernible from the eventual capacity to gain access to the fruit of it’s wealth.

Those among you who are seeking a clairvoyance practice or a tool to read the future will undoubtedly find me uncooperative in discussing the Tarot’s relationship to these approaches. This class is designed to discuss the value of tarot aside from it’s esoteric and mysterious potential, as a pure technology. Of course, you can take my suggested foundation towards whatever end you’d like but understand that my classes are not the best environment in which to have conversations on the magical aspect of this practice.

All though my practice emerges from Alexandro Jodorowsky‘s legacy, my practice is not a perfect mirror to what is shared through The Way of the Tarot.